"For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories" 

 - Plato

Our invitation is for supporting positive transformation and boosting of masculinity. We believe we can balance and integrate the power and kindness within every man. We believe that the secret of success is internal and to achieve our purpose we apply intense meditations, Kundalini Yoga and the rigorous contribution of science and ancient wisdom.

Our Training


“What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculties! In form and moving, how express and admirable! In action, how like an angel! In apprehension, how like a God.” 

- Shakespeare


“It is of dangerous consequence to represent to man how near he is to the level of beasts, without showing him at the same time his greatness. It is likewise dangerous to let him see his greatness without his meanness. It is more dangerous yet to leave him ignorant of either; but very beneficial that he should be made sensible of both.”

- Blaise Pascal


“We do not admire the man of timid peace. We admire the man who embodies victorious effort; the man who never wrongs his neighbor, who is prompt to help a friend, but who has those virile qualities necessary to win in the stern strife of actual life.”

- Theodore Roosevelt

Total Man Training™ is a journey for men in search of wholeness.

This is a supportive brotherhood of consciousness, courage and compassion. We gather to contribute to the global need of sustainable peace and prosperity. No previous experience in the field of meditation and yoga is required, only the willingness to develop oneself as a man.